Hi! Here is a quick update on what’s been going on the past few days! First of all I am no longer in South Africa. For the next 5ish weeks I will be calling Palampur, India my home!

We arrived in here on Friday after 52 hours of travel. Yes. 52 hours. Which was a lot easier and way more fun then expected! We started with a quick morning flight to Johannesburg, SA and then flew to Ethiopia and landed at 8pm. After a 3 hour layover we finally flew to New Delhi (side note I had the window seat on this flight which means I got to see both the stars AND the sunrise. Pretty darn beautiful). We were in New Delhi from 10am until 11pm when we had an overnight train to Palampur. New Delhi was a bit of a whirlwind. It was a lot of noises, smells, colors and people all at once, but we got to meet up with another TBB group who had just arrived from Thailand. It was super super cool to talk to another group experiencing somewhat of the same things we are! So anyways, we had an overnight train ride from New Delhi to Palampur, and what a ride it was. In the cabin next to mine, there was a man handcuffed to the bed with three men surrounding him all carrying HUGE guns. Needless to say I slept through the whole train ride.

So now I am here! In Palampur, India with the Himalayas literally in our backyard. We move into our homestays on Monday, and get to be here for a light festival called Diwali. I will be teaching in a primary school here, English and math. It will be a challenge as we are split up into groups of two and given a classroom of 40 kids to teach! I will update this blog in a few weeks and fill in the unknown!

I hope all is well back home!! Sending love and good thoughts!


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